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Thursday, 1 August 2013


One of the biggest trends for this Spring-Summer will be jumpsuits. And not only are they great for warmer months, they will work for any season and are sure to be seen on 2014 runways too.  So invest in a few as you'll be wearing them again and again. 

I adore everything about this trend. So versatile, except when you have to pee! And you end up on the toilet naked. ...girls, you know what I mean ;-)

I already own 4. My limit is 7. One for each day of the week. I have a navy silk button down from Gorman, which I purchased at their outlet store on Bridge Road, Richmond - you have to get down there if you are ever in Richmond. They have tons of old season stock as well as current items and samples. Their shoe selection is awesome too, and being an outlet store prices are discounted.  I also have a black jersey jumpsuit with gold buttons and toggles that I must have purchased almost 5 years ago at Witchery. This is when the hoarder part of my personality pays off! I love when things come back in fashion and I get to go shopping in my own wardrobe.

My favorite, a black and white printed backless jumpsuit with skinny legs, elastic gathered at the ankle and waist.  I bought it last Christmas in amazing find.  If you can go without a bra, a backless jumpsuit is a very sexy look for day or night.  Lastly I took a risk on an animal print playsuit off eBay for $35, it payed off...the fit is excellent and the print looks great on its own or teamed with a blazer for a more conservative look.

Look for styles that suit you. There are so many variations and I am yet to find a body shape that cannot be suited to a certain style of jumpsuit.  If you are a little curvier, go for a simple style and stick to black or darker shades.  Accentuate things like a smaller waist or a nice cleavage if these are your best assets and keep the legs loose.

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